I’ve been designing digital experiences for over 4 years across a variety industries.
I believe great product design comes from understanding the end-user completely. By playing their advocate and crafting complete solutions we can ensure a beautiful product experience.


Throughout my experience as a designer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some talented and passionate people, striving for a shared goal in created the best experience for the end user and also the clients.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me either outdoors on a hike or rolling somewhere on my skateboard destroying what cartilage I have left in my legs.


Project Manager | Rooming.nl

2020 - Present

Strategy, Manager, User Experience and User Interface designer at Rooming. Researching and analyzing Rooming. How can a user achieve his goals and needs at the room rental service that Rooming provides? I’m creating sketches, prototypes and new interface designs for Rooming.


UX Designer | Deboprojects.nl

2019 - Present

Webdesigner at Deboprojects. Involved in lots of diverse projects. Working on UI/UX design and marketing.
I’m specialized in the conceptual stage of developing websites.


Product designer | Deepler.io

2020 - 2021

As Lead UX/UI Designer at Deepler it is my responsibility to create a beautiful and useful user experience in the software. This means thinking up concepts, designing and researching design principles to come up with new flows and screens. All with the aim of helping (project) managers around the world to gain more insight into their organisation.