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Jasper Koenen

Freelance UX Designer & Technologist currently also part-timing @ Soda Studio

Based in Haarlem

As a UX designer with an entrepreneurial mindset, I specialize in rapidly prototyping innovative digital products for startups and ventures. My unique ability to bridge the gap between design, development, and marketing empowers me to create user-centered designs that stand the test of time.

With a passion for research and a keen understanding of user needs, I develop revolutionary solutions that propel businesses forward. My commitment to continuous learning, validating ideas and adaptability ensures that clients and team members remain aligned even in the face of tight deadlines and challenging constraints. Together, let’s shape the future of innovation through exceptional UX design.


Empowering startups and ventures with Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Navigating the digital landscape can be complex and challenging, especially when you’re addressing large-scale problems. My digital strategy service streamlines digital efforts, delivering exceptional results for startups and ventures.

UX Design

Crafting Exceptional Experiences with User-Centered UX Design

In a world where user experience can make or break digital products, I specialize in creating UX designs that not only look great, but also drive user engagement and business success.

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