Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Integrating Shared Mobility as an uniform experience into the NS App

The Dutch Railways (NS) has broadened its offerings to include shared mobility services such as Check Scooters, Greenwheels cars, and TIER e-bikes within its app, alongside its primary focus on train travel.

This enhancement aims to provide a seamless, door-to-door travel experience by integrating various mobility options, reducing the need for multiple apps.

Our project focused on creating a user-centric, high-fidelity interface within a scalable design system, ensuring a consistent experience across all services. This expansion not only enriches the NS app’s functionality but also aligns with NS’s mission to facilitate effortless travel for its users.

A scalable, white-label approach

Adopting a scalable, white-label approach was key in ensuring that the design system could accommodate a diverse range of mobility services—e-scooters, e-bikes, regular bikes, and cars—while maintaining a unique and cohesive user experience across the NS app.

This approach allowed for the creation of flexible and modular components that can be easily adapted to different mobility providers’ branding and functional requirements. By focusing on universal design components and patterns, I helped NS to design an interface that is intuitive and consistent, yet customizable, enabling each service to offer a distinct experience that aligns with their brand identity, NS’s identity and users’ expectations.